Creating Your Own Craft Brand

Everyone is interested in craft spirits these days and a lot of people are wanting to know how to create their own brands. The question is, how do you create your own brand? Read along and we will tell you!

The Steps to creating your own brand

Step 1) Know what you are doing. Do you want to create a whiskey, vodka, gin, flavored product?

Step 2) Create Formula. In order to bottle a product you need a formula that is approved from

Step 3) Know what you are wanting to promote. Have a general idea of how you are going to make your product unique and a gimmick that you will use for marketing.

Step 4) Find out the prices of bottles, corks, etc. It is crucial that you know what and how you are going to package your bottles. Are you going to use tags? Will it be waxed dipped? Will the entire bottle be covered with a sleeve?

Step 5) You must get a Federal Basic Wholesale permit. This is a document that allows you to own alcohol on a federal level.

Step 6) Get label approved. According to the which lists the Beverage Alcohol Manual there are restrictions that you must follow in order to get a label approved through the government.  DO NOT PRINT LABELS UNTIL THEY ARE APPROVED.

Step 7) Once label and formula are approved you can now start to bottle and put labels on bottles.

This whole process seems very tricky and can be confusing. This is why companies are out here to help you with this process. Check out @strongspiritsky or email us for more information.

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