Why Have a Back Up Bottling Company?

Why Have a Back Up Bottling Company?

What Would Happen If This Was A Letter From Your Bottling Facility?


Have you thought about what can go wrong at your bottling facility?  One of the biggest oversights when it comes to bottling is a backup plan for your bottling needs.

Sometimes an unfortunate event occurs and your bottling company may go out of business or experience crippling delays. There are many things that can take a bottling company out of commission. Natural disasters can pop up and damage or destroy a facility and disrupt your bottling or the facility can decided they aren’t going to bottle your products anymore. Scheduling conflicts could leave you without product you desperately need. A lack of available product can cause you to lose momentum in the marketplace or, even worse, to lose actual customers.

What happens if this occurs? Since you have already been through the process of getting alcohol labels filed you know how long this can delay your production. On average it takes four to six months from start to finish getting your label and any formulas filed, approved, and ready for production. Therefore, if an unfortunate event occurs it can stop distribution for months.

How can you keep this from happening? Institute Plan B – Plan Strong, have a backup bottling company. As an owner of a brand, you can have your label on file with as many bottling facilities as you wish.  If you file with multiple facilities then you have a backup plan. Your backup bottling company will be ready to start producing your brand within days. Therefore, production will not be stopped and you can move forward with your brand.

This is where proactive brand owners should entertain the importance of Plan Strong, which, in this case means a backup bottling facility

Strong Spirits is a contract bottling company that got its start in 2006 when the owner, Michael Kanbar, was looking for a bottling company to bottle his own brands. At the time, he couldn’t find a bottling house that would do very small quantities so that he could explore test markets.

As soon as Kanbar obtained his DSP permit he was contacted by independent brands that were looking for the same thing that he was.Today strong spirits is located in “Distilling Capital of the World” in a 100,000 square foot facility for contract bottling jobs.

Strong Spirits is growing and expanding. Currently they are completing an excessive expansion for storage and processing capacity. We currently operate two in-line bottling lines and have a third rotary line that will be completed during the expansion of the new processing area.

We do not have to be your exclusive bottler.  We can be your partner bottler to help you fill in the gaps resulting from shut downs or delays, prioritize production of smaller runs, or handle those unforeseen bottling “emergencies” that would, otherwise, throw you off schedule.

Contact us for more information as to how we can partner with you to meet your bottling needs.  Let us show you how we can Plan Strong for you.

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