Will Creams Rise to the Top in 2015?

Will Creams Rise to the Top in 2015?

With the arrival of 2015, everyone is making predictions. From Hollywood psychics to Super Bowl odds-setters, we have all read countless articles saying that craft spirits will continue to grow in 2015 and will be as popular as ever.  But what are the proverbial “THEY” saying about cream products?  In 2015, what can we expect cream products to do?  Actually, there doesn’t seem to be much in the news about cream products.

Let’s take a look at what cream products did in 2014.  Coming in at the top for 2014 Cream Liqueur brands are RumChata and the ever-popular Baileys Irish Cream. RumChata’s sales jumped 29 percent in 2014, to $29 million, not including on-premise sales and sales of Baileys are unchanged at a strong $69 million.

As all data is showing, cream liqueurs are continuing to grow and prosper but let’s ask ourselves why.  Many people refer to RumChata as the “game changer” that created a new market for cream products. What makes RumChata different from the cream products that came before? The bold innovative flavor! RumChata took a basic cream product and added a unique flavor that is capable of being used in more than just mixed drinks. The capabilities for using Rum Chata is extensive; cakes, pies, mixed with fruit.

The key to RumChata’s growth is versatility.  To increase the demand of the product, simply increase the ways you can USE the product. By integrating flavored cream liqueurs into cooking, it becomes a popular “go-to” ingredient for brand new recipes or to add an unexpected zip to an old-standard.  It then becomes an indispensable item on the home cook’s shopping list, greatly expanding it’s popularity,demand, and marketability.

While the numbers indicate that cream liqueurs are continuing to grow, the key to ongoing success is versatility and innovation, appealing to an even broader consumer base.

Be creative, be daring, be the hit of 2015!

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